1) Uganda Born John Okello a Christian Militant Man of The Moment “Field Marshall” . John Okello in his book maintained that he heard a voice commanding him, as a Christian, to free the Zanzibari people from the Arab Muslims. John Okello then said on 11 March 1964  that he had been dismissed as “field marshal” of the Zanzibar revolution and banished . After 1964 Okello was left wondering from Zanzibar to Pemba and then on to Kenya to Congo and finally to his mainland Uganda in 1971. It is more or less assumed that Idi Amin saw him as a threat . After Amin promoted himself Okello reportedly joked that “now Uganda has two field marshals”  and had arranged his possible assassination.

2) Malawi or Uganda Born Abeid Amani Karume : Assassinated while playing cards at the Afro-Shirazi  Headquarters building in April 1972. Different parts of the country celebrated as they did not like the self-proclaimed president who was never a person from Zanzibar by origin. Abdulrahman Babu was accused of the assassination and sentenced to death by Nyerere but was later granted an amnesty.

3) Abdulla Kassim Hanga: Sent back to Zanzibar in handcuffs by Nyerere to be Executed in 1969 under Karume for the attempt to overthrow Nyerere. (His daughter, Yelena Hanga is a TV personality in Russia. She has dual nationality : Russian and American- through her US Jewish maternal grandparents. When in New York, she attends Christian church).

4) Othman Sharif : (A Shirazi) Executed in 1969 in Zanzibar under Karume for the attempt to overthrow Nyerere

Abdul Aziz Twala : (Minister of Finance) was also executed (sometime after 1969) under Karume for the attempt to overthrow Nyerere.

Abulraheman Mohamed Babu : Sentenced to Death by Nyerere for the Assassination of Karume in 1972 but was freed in an amnesty. Babu Died in England in 1996 in London.

Aboud Jumbe : Succeeded Karume as President of Zanzibar until 1984. He successfully conquered his drinking problem. (He is still alive on the Mainland).

Ali Hassan Mwinyi : Succeeded Jumbe as President of Zanzibar. He was later elected as President of Tanzania. ( A moderate, who liberalized economy to free enterprise system.)

Adam Mwakanjuki : Became minister of state in the office of president of Zanzibar in 2001.

Julius Nyerere : (Ruled Tanganyika with firm hands. His socialist Ujamaa doctrine failed miserably. He was succeeded by Zanzibari Ali Hassan Mwinyi in 1985).Nyerere died at the age of 77 in late 1999 in London.

It has been alleged that Israeli Mossad Agent David Kimche was a backer of the revolution[ with Kimche in Zanzibar on the day of the Revolution . Kimche died of Cancer in 2010.

Wolf Dourado : The feisty lawyer of unquestioned integrity remained loyal to Zanzibar, serving various governments until 1990s when he retired. He died in 2012 at the age of 83.

(George Mooring: Last British colonial resident, governor or viceroy of Zanzibar from 1959 to 1963. He advised London colonial office not to grant independence to Zanzibar in 1963. Considered to have been most competent Brit civil servant in Zanzibar. He died of cancer in Suffolk, England in 1969 at the age of 61).

Frank Carlucci : (Sent by President Johnson as US ambassador in Zanzibar. Given the task of controlling growing communist influence after the 1964 revolution. Believed to be an architect of Zanzibar’s Union with Tanganyika, although denied by US authorities). Deputy director of CIA, deputy secretary of Defense, assistant to the president for national security affairs and secretary of defense. A highly successful businessman, he is a partner of Carlyle Associates.

Source : Revolution in Zanzibar – an American Cold War by US.Consul in Zanzibar (1964) – Don Peterson.